Come and stay with us Thanksgiving Weekend.  Enjoy Paradise, enjoy a discount, & enjoy a full catered Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday at 5pm.  All rooms for $149 a night, 2 night minimum.  Saturday night enjoy our “Stuff the Turkey” play party hosted by Valentino Bonfiglio!

Stay the whole weekend Thursday through Sunday for only $447 + tax.

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Well friends, finally the oppressive heat of summer is over and the Desert reverts to Paradise, 80’s to 90’s with sunshine and low humidity.

Recently we had a couple from Germany as guests and when I was speaking to them they remarked that HELIOS is” legendary” I asked specifically what they meant and they went on to say that we have a global reputation as a place where masculine gay men can stay, hang out naked and play with like minded friends new and old, and while we have no restrictions on the activity that takes place we try and make sure everyone is both comfortable and safe.  We recently installed a new outside play area with what I would describe as a stand and blow platform…it seems very popular.  There is also a new outside bed area, a swing, numerous slings, and of course our ever popular glory holes, in addition to our indoor play space.  Of course we always supply condoms of every size as well as gun oil lube and even hand sanitizer.

So if you need a lot of excitement about now please call and make a reservation. We will even supply you with an itinerary of events happening the week you are here and even our competitors’ events

Although they tend to be excessively expensive and not quite as fun as those here at the Legendary Helios:  760-323-2868

Welcome to Helios, the premier Palm Springs resort and clothing-optional get-away where the gay lifestyle is celebrated, the masculine form venerated and all-male nudity strongly encouraged. Named in honor of the Greek sun god, whose huge and breathtaking statue became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, we at Helios strive to provide you with new wonders to marvel at in our modern gay world … As you pass through our gates, you’ll be transported to a beautifully landscaped and very private playground – a virtual Eden filled with sun-soaked, scenic views and more than one hunky Adam or sexy Steve ready to slip out of his speedo.  With our friendly and unobtrusive staff always on hand to cater to your (almost) every need, we guarantee you will feel pampered and absolutely right at home with us – whether you’re here for a hot encounter, a romantic escape or maybe both.

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Beyond your charming, bungalow-style suite or room, the intimate, pet-friendly atmosphere of Helios provides you with many places to relax and unwind: an extra-large swimming pool, jacuzzi grotto, outdoor kitchen, breakfast bar and barbecue, lounge annex, outdoor showers – to name but a few.  You will definitely want to spend time exploring our imaginative indoor/outdoor play areas – with plenty of flatscreen monitors amidst state-of-the-art equipment that includes slings, benches, giant beds, a St. Andrew’s cross and more.  We are also one of the few gay resorts left in Palm Springs to offer Daily Passes and Special Events.

Our well-earned reputation as a “fantasy resort” also lends itself perfectly to the many gay adult production companies who film at Helios.  And we continue to be the historic and favored escape of some of the world’s most celebrated gay pornstars.  As the motto below our Sun God logo says: “We Know Hot” …



We are also the only gay resort to have an award-winning pornstar as our Official Host and Manager. Matt Sizemore, a long-established and well-known name in adult entertainment, has been hosting events at our resort since 2013. His highly successful play parties have included porn luminaries Trenton Ducati, David Benjamin, Shay Michaels, Alessio Romero, Michael Brandon, Drew Sebastian, Brad Kalvo, Matt Stevens, Champ Robinson, Max Cameron, Blue Bailey, Lukas Cipriani, Adam Russo, Brian Davilla, Brian BondsJerry Stearns, Dylan HydeChad Brock, Patrick O’Connor, Bobby Hart, Sage Daniels, Damien Silver, Sebastian Rio, Chris NealQuawn, Scott Reynolds, Kyle Savage, Tony Bishop, Nick Andrews, Draven Torres and our upcoming headliners Parker Kane, Robby Caruso and Aarin Asker. Learn more about Matt’s Special Events.

With Matt Sizemore at the helm, Helios is now more than ever the place where the pornstars come to stay and play!